Skybison is the solo moniker for Atlanta based artist/composer Dylan Banks. Skybison’s music is a wonderful marriage of the diverse spectrum of sounds that have been influential to Banks. He received a composition degree from Georgia State University and is just as likely to be inspired by Beethoven as he is Bjork. Mixing hard hitting electronics and samples with layered vocals, his love for choral music and electronic music is evident. An appreciation for sound design and production has also been instilled in Banks and his recorded music is headphone candy. psychedelic, evolving effects rewards a careful repeated listener as new sounds reveal themselves upon each listen. Skybison places just as much weight on his live show and he has tried to take innovative approaches to arranging his music for that setting. On a typical song, Banks will trigger samples, set keyboard and vocal loops and then hop on the drum set to play along to his looping psychedelia. A true lover of music, Skybison puts his soul into his sounds and you can hear that love coming through.